The Casa Chacona Museum is found on the ground floor of a nineteenth century house. At the entrance, one can see a life-size reproduction of the statue of Kon Tiki, a pre-Incan sun god. Likewise, in the first room one can appreciate examples of sculptures and engravings of bearded gods of Mexico and Peru, different to the beardless population of the new world. The second room serves as as introduction to Thor Heyerdahl's cultural parallelisms theory; a wide range of examples of sculptures and engravings of bearded gods from Mexico and Peru. The panels of the room illustrate the marine currents of the Atlantic Ocean, that facilitate the voyage across the ocean, posing the question of whether these currents could have served to allow a transoceanic cultural contact between ancient civilizations.

In the third room one can see the recreation of the construction of a reed boat by Aymara natives from Bolivia. In the reliefs one can appreciate the crafts created by former civilizations of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Peru and even Easter Island. A map indicates the different places of the world where reed boats were formerly built. A second map shows the location of pyramids and other step structures around the world

The following room and the central court of the museum house one of the largest photographic collections of pyramids and step structures of the world, located all around the planet. Finally one can learn about the scientific investigations undertaken at Güímar's pyramid complex, such the exact archaeoastronomical orientation of the main complex to the summer and winter solstices, the main constructive details of Güímar's Pyramids, the results of the archaeological excavations carried out in the structures and in the Chacona Cave, and the different theories developed to explain the meaning of these structures.

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