Pirámides de Güimar Summer 2018

Summer 2018 20'

Double Sunset

On the 21st of June, the Ethnographic Park opens its doors so that the public can observe (weather permitting) theDouble Sunset’ phenomenon. This phenomenon was discovered by researchers of the Canarian Institute of Astrophysics at the time when they established the archaeoastronomical characteristics of the Güímar structures, which are aligned with the sun during the summer and winter solstices.

On this date, if one stands alongside the principal axis of the complex, one will be oriented to the exact point in the horizon where the sun sets. Furthermore, the view one has from this axis permits the vision of a curious optical phenomenon known as ‘Double Sunset’, a phenomenon by which one can observe the sun disappear totally before reappearing partially a few minutes later, and then setting for a second time.

Fllying over Pirámides de Güímar

Video of the series “Flying over the Canaries” dedicated to the Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Güímar, situated in the Güímar Valley in the southwest of the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands).

It is brightened with the song, exempt of rights, “Split Screen”, by “Silent Partner”. IMAGES PROPERTY OF

Aerial views

We share with you the video that was recently filmed by the Czech journalist Jaroslav Jindra, and will be broadcasted very soon on the public Czech TV "CT2"

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