Pirámides de Güímar is now also a Botanical Garden

On the 3rd of May the Iberomacaronesian Association of Botanical Gardens celebrated their annual assembly, where it was unanimously decided to accept Pirámides de Güímar to become an official member of the Spanish-Portuguese network of Botanical Gardens. 

The museum, which shall now be named the Ethnographic Park & Botanical Garden Pirámides de Güímar, complies with the requirements of the Association, by having a variety of properly presented botanical collections, habilitated for their study, visit and recognition. These collections have been developed following scientific, cultural and educational objectives. Furthermore, as a new member, the Botanical Garden Pirámides de Güímar will develop a special relationship with the Canarian Botanical Gardens and scientific institutions, as well as creating a scheme for the interchange of plant material and scientific information. These projects shall be developed in association with the University of La Laguna as part of the collaboration agreement signed between both institutions. The main objectives of Pirámides de Güímar as a Botanical Garden will include the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage, environmental education, botanical research and encouraging respect for nature.  

Some of the botanical spaces created over the years already present in Pirámides de Güímar include the Canarian Botanical Route, which presents the main endemic plants of the archipelago, the Exportation Products Route, the Poison Garden, which includes over seventy species of toxic and even deadly plants and immerses the visitor into the world of poisons and poisoners; and the latest Sustainable Garden, which apart of assisting towards the declaration of Pirámides de Güímar as a Botanical Garden, was also a main reason for the Park’s recent nomination to the European Museum of the Year Award 2017, thanks to its message of sustainability and engagement with the conservation of nature.



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